Talking travel (and more) with Sassy Red Lipstick’s power couple

Today I am excited to share a very very special post on the blog.

I had a chance to interview Sarah and Robbie Tripp, from – If you have never heard of them (ehm, we will pretend that never happened), you better check their blog out. You might want to subscribe to their youtube channel too and this post about them is a good start.

Not only do they have some MAJOR travel inspo, and one of the best insider looks into San Francisco (which is THE BOMB, if you haven’t been), they are also a powerhouse for body positivity, confidence and great fashion finds. What started as a fashion blog in 2013, turned (at least for me) into so much more. Sarah and Robbie were also recently featured in Forbes about how they turned their social media account into a business, so they are not shy about sharing their tips and advice. And let’s be frank, they are also one of the most loved up and adorable couples of instagram  (One of Robbie’s post about Sarah went massively VIRAL recently) , and who doesn’t appreciate a good dose of romance!!!

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I asked both Sarah and Robbie to answer a few questions about their experience with travel and how they’ve incorporate it into their brand. Each of them answered these questions separately, and I am pretty sure there was some major mental twinning going on!

Q. I was really happy to see more and more travel posts pop up on sassy red lipstick. What does travel mean to you and how would you describe your travel philosophy?

Sarah: Travel has always been so important to me! I feel like I’ve always had a sense of wanderlust, ever since I was young. I was fortunate to grow up in a family where we traveled every summer and I’ve experienced so many places that have expanded my horizons and exposed me to different cultures. I believe traveling is such an important part of being a well-rounded person. It really teaches you a lot.

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Also, Robbie and I love traveling together and hate doing it apart. One of our special memories is from when we were first talking, still hadn’t met each other yet, and I was in Spain with my family. I FaceTimed him every night from Spain because we just couldn’t get enough of each other. The night I flew home from Spain, he met me in my hometown of Las Vegas. I had enough time to go home, shower, change, and meet up with the boy who would end up stealing my heart that week. Good memories.

Q. You have build a successful partnership with Alaska Air. Can you tell us how that came to be and what it actually takes to become (and stay) a successful brand ambassador?

Robbie: We first connected with Alaska Air when they invited me out to enjoy a San Francisco Giants game in their suite. Sarah and I went with a bunch of other influencers and ended up becoming good friends with the Alaska Air team. They are all great people who are always thinking of fun and creative ways to promote the brand. It really meant a lot to me when they helped me gift my parents two roundtrip tickets anywhere for Christmas. My mom was in tears of appreciation and I will never forget that moment.

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Sarah: We love Alaska Air! They have such an amazing team and do so many cool events that we feel lucky to be a part of. They invited us to their private Maroon 5 concert last year and are sending us to the Bottlerock music festival in Napa next month! We love working with them and it’s easy to be loyal to them when they’re service truly is that spectacular. We fly Alaska all the time and not just because we work with them, they are so quick and convenient for our busy travel schedule.

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Q. My boyfriend rolls his eyes every time I ask him to take a pretty photo of me when we are out and about. What advice would you give to those unfortunate enough not to have a partner in crime in this business, but who want to make the most of the beautiful locations they visit? (I am afraid “find a new boyfriend” may not always be an option :-))

Sarah: I know a lot of bloggers who have husbands that don’t love taking or being in photos! It seems to be a common thing for a lot of guys. If you’re not lucky to have someone like Robbie who genuinely loves taking photos and creating content, then just be open and express how important it is to you! They may never love it, but if they care about you and your goals, then they should support the fact that you’re going to be stopping for photos a lot!

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Robbie: I agree. It’s all about being supportive. I do love being creative and taking and editing photos but some people don’t and that’s okay. Different strokes for different folks. As long as you’re both compromising and trying to make each other feel happy and supported, that’s what counts. Your boyfriend needs to be considerate of your dreams and you need to be considerate of his time and energy haha!

Sarah and Robbie seem to know what’s up when it comes to love                                  © Copyright 2018 Sassy Red Lipstick. All Rights Reserved.

Q. What are your top three things to do/visit (or eat!) in San Francisco, and why?

Sarah: This is the most common question we are asked so we put together a full San Francisco travel guide that we update frequently! It has all our favorite spots and top recommendations. You can view it here:

© Copyright 2018 Sassy Red Lipstick. All Rights Reserved.
© Copyright 2018 Sassy Red Lipstick. All Rights Reserved.

Q. And finally, what is the one thing S/he ALWAYS forgets to pack when you guys travel?

Sarah: I’m always forgetting socks! I wear a lot of open toed shoes, especially since we’re usually traveling to tropical locations and so I always forget to bring socks to wear with tennis shoes and booties! Also, I feel like my feet are always cold at night so I like to have a cozy pair. I always put my freezing cold feet on Robbie when I climb into bed and it makes him run to the other side of the bed haha.

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Robbie: My belt! Haha. I like to travel comfortably so I always wear a pair of joggers on the plane with some nikes and a tee. Since I’m wearing joggers I’m obviously not using a belt so I forget to pack it! I’m always having to borrow one or go without, which sometimes means pulling my pants up all day. Not fun haha. Also, one time I forgot the camera and I’ve never forgiven myself for it. We were at a resort for the weekend and I forgot to bring the camera. Luckily we got by on Sarah’s iPhone X but I felt so stupid and promised myself I would never do that again.

A big thank you to both Sarah and Robbie for taking the time to answer my questions on My Carry On Life.

Who doesn’t dream of turning their passions into a career? Following their social media journey has shown me, in more than one occasion, that with dedication and true team work this is indeed very possible.

I hope this article has introduced you to a couple of pretty inspiring and energetic people. In case you would like to go a bit deeper, below some key resources:


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