Reviews from around the World

Primavera, Ritz Carlton Hotel and Spa Bahrain 

I just spent an amazing week in Bahrain, and i was lucky enough to be able to stay in probably the best hotel there, The Ritz Carlton Hotel and Spa. of course i don’t have to sell you the Ritz and its world famous 5 star service and luxury feel. What I can recommend though , if you are in Manama and fancy a great Italian meal, possibly trying to impress your loved one or also simply for a classy business meeting, Primavera is the place for you. Not only the food is delicious, and cooked by a talented Italian chef, the recently developed menu was master-minded by Michelin Star chef Oliver Glowig, and it is more than worth a try.

Discover the new menu :-)
Discover the new menu 🙂

Primavera offers a beautiful and sophisticated atmosphere, with sleek interiors and a beautiful outside terrace overlooking the Ritz pool and beach area. The staff, mostly italian and directed by restaurant manager Beatrice Manno, will make you feel right at home and cater your needs with a very personal touch, reflective of the unique Ritz style.

From march 21, to celebrate the beginning of Spring (“Primavera” means spring in Italian), the restaurant will open up its door to present a new look and a new menu. if you are curious, you should pay a visit and get ready to have a wonderful time!

Octopus salad, truffle risotto, lobster linguine... food coma
Octopus salad, truffle risotto, lobster linguine… food coma
Enjoying the view from the open terrace
Enjoying the view from the open terrace

Su Gologone Hotel and Restaurant

I recently came back from 10 days in stunning Sardinia, a place that I have been visiting since I was a little girl, and that is truly one of the most amazing places in the Mediterranean. I know the island very well, but I had the chance to visit some of my favourite places again as I helped my boyfriend explore Sardinia for the first time. Su Gologone is a location in the north east of the island, a few kilometres from Oliena and Nuoro, in the region of Supramonte. The place is well known for its natural springs flowing through an ancient karsic systems of caves and mountains. If you are in the area, or are visiting Sardinia’s famous beaches and fancy a day trip to discover the its natural beauties alongside is rich gastronomic traditions, I can advise you to stay a day or two, or simply visit for lunch the Hotel Su Gologone. The trip is not only worth it for the beautiful and peaceful landscape, but mostly because of the culinary experience that forms such a huge part of the island’s culture and tradition. At Su Gologone, I would advise to stick to traditional dishes, like piglets, cooked in the traditional Sardinian way, and Malloreddus, traditional Sardinian fresh pasta served with wild bore ragout. Before you eat, take some time to visit the nearby cantina Dorgali, where you can taste and buy the famous wine, and the Grotta di Ispinigoli, where you can climb down one of the only two spectacular caves in the island open to the public and see the tallest stalagmite in Europe.

Su Gologone Hotel
Su Gologone Hotel

Ciasa Mia, Paris – Occasion, Romance                                                      As an italian you would expect me not to get excited about my own national cousine when traveling abroad… Well, you would understand my enthusiasms if you tried the delicious and mouth-watering food of Ciasa Mia. Run by an Italian couple in the heart of Paris’s Latin district, this small and homey restaurant will surprise you (and your taste buds) with beautiful looking, Micheline-start deserving dishes prepared with high quality ingredients. You’ll be hooked

ciasa mia

Mestizo, London – Friends, Birthday, Informal dinner
I recently organised a surprise Birthday dinner for my older brother. He loves mexican food, and lives in London, and the two often don’t really go together. London has a huge range of culinary wonders to offer, with an almost endless choise of food from around the world, but authentic Mexican food is quite hard to find. Mestizo can safely be the exception to this rule. The restaurant, which is located in Euston Road, on the way to Cadmen, has a very warm and homely athmosphere. If you are looking for soft music and a relaxed athmosphere, this place might not be for you. It is bursting with noise, colours and delicious smells, ideal for a big party of people and not so ideal for a romantic meal for two. The restaurant has a good cocktail list (try the strawberry margarita) and if you don’t know what to eat, I sugges to share the Molcajete Mestizo, a dish of beef or chicken, served in a vulcanic stone bowl with tomato sauce, cheese, avocados and chorizo. It is warm and very filling, but ideal to share! Love tacos? On Thursday night, in the downstair bar, you can enjoy tacos for 1 pound, and plenty of beer, with traditional music or live bands in the background.



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